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Tecline Peanut 16 Comfort Lady Camo Pink Set Complete set Peanut 16. Includes: Wing Peanut 16 pink Aluminum backplate black Aluminum mono tank adapter black Comfort lady harness Camo pink Double weight pocket Camo pink x2 Tank bands

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TecLine Donut 22 Special Edition Scuba Diving Wings Set with Carbon Backplate – Orange The Tecline Donut 22 Special Edition with a 22 kg / 50 lbs lift is designed for a 2×12 liter twin. This Special Edition Wings has several advantages over the standard Wings, which are : Larger volume with smaller wing profile [...]

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Tecline Side Mount BCD SIDE 16 Avenger Maya – 16 kg buoyancy Ideal for cave and recreational diving. Kit SM of the easiest on the market to configure and adjust the harness The harness may be separately adjustable shoulder belts and / or belt ventral Easy adjustment makes the best set of learning Wing and [...]

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TecLine BCD SIDE 16 Avanger Side Mount Set is a brand new set of TECLINE designed to dive into the configuration sidemount and for heavy use with watertight and heavy submersible. Set made of high quality Cordura with a weight of 2000 Denier, with a displacement of buoyancy bag and pockets 16kg ballast housed until 16kg ballast

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Perfect configuration for the recreational sidemount (SM) diver and the hardcore cave diver. The Side 16 Avenger by Tecline has improved on the classic ‘bat wing’ style system favoured by so many SM divers for it’s superior trim and streamlining. The wing / bladder and harness form a single integrated set that includes four in-built [...]