Dykdatorer & Dykinstrument

Freedom Basic Nitrox

7,437.50 kr

Basic version of the Freedom computer intended for sports divers, which has all the high qualities and the endurance of the computers for the most demanding conditions. A decompression calculation is available for air or nitrox with the oxygen volume up to 40%.

Dykdatorer & Dykinstrument

Freedom Closed Circuit

10,300.00 kr

The Freedom closed circuit computer is the highest version of the Freedom decompression computers, which apart from the function of the previously mentioned computers also includes the calculation of online decompression for CCR. Freedom can be connected to up to 3 oxygen sensors of your rebreather. For diluent, bailout and open circuit there are up to 9 gas mixtures available, including helium mixtures. The Divesoft Freedom CCR can be connected to a rebreather with the included O2 sensor cable. One, two or three O2 sensors can be connected. The average pO2 value can be read on the primary screen and detailed information about each sensor, including sensor voltage, can be accessed via a separate screen. Fixed setpoint and SCR modes for different types of rebreathers are also available.

Dykdatorer & Dykinstrument

Freedom Full Trimix

9,500.00 kr

Freedom computer version for demanding technical divers, who use a helium mixture and a wide variety of decompression gases.

Dykdatorer & Dykinstrument

Freedom Advanced Nitrox

8,243.75 kr

Decompression Freedom computer for advanced divers who use the principles of an accelerated decompression. The computers enables the use of up to three mixtures, ranging from air to pure oxygen.